Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Building Blocks Tuesday

So, the move has been made. I have finished unpacking. And reorganising all my fabric storage spaces (to fit the new stuff in - more new stuff on the blog this coming Sunday). And now some part of my brain is driving me to reorganise the flat in big Spring clean fashion... This was not how I planned to start my jetlag. But I will get to that project by the end of this week (the Sew Sweetness Velocity Girl bag!!).

What I couldn't resist doing was photographing all my newly reunited blocks while I tidied the fabric away. These are blocks I'm making on a continuous basis in the background. This is probably the last you'll see of them for another few months, at least!

First up, the x and + blocks I'm making with my Sew Solids Stash Club order from Simply Solids in the UK.

I've loved them as I've made them (I still have to learn some stuff about sewing on the bias), but together I think they are just so much better!! I can't wait till Christmas when hopefully I'll have all the blocks made and ready to go together into a QUILT!!

Secondly, my Lucky Stars BOM. I have failed miserably at this so far. There are good intentions in the pipeline for summer. I think if I stick with it I will learn a tonne about foundation paper piecing. I'll also end up with really lovely blocks, if I can do a good job with the colour choices... and the sewing. Seriously, check out the flickr group!! Amazing! Currently, this is all I've got to show:

I'm not even sure this picture is from it sewn together... It is though, promise!

Finally, my Farmer's Wife Quilt blocks thus far. I really like having these blocks to work on in the evenings and when I'm not feeling well.

If I was brave enough I probably would have enjoyed working on them while flying! I'm too scared to lose my little scissors and good needles at security though. I'm A Ginger Monkey has an article this week about just this topic. I'll be checking it out this weekend when I dream that I have everything organised and more time to read lovely blogs!

I'm linking up to Building Blocks Tuesday over at Quilter in the Closet. An excellent place for snooping on different blocks and colour choices - brilliant inspiration source!

Quilter in the Closet

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