Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sunday Stash: Part 2

Happy Sunday!!

This has been a strange week. I might be finding my groove, though actual sewing has yet to take place. But every day more things are getting done, leaving less in the way between me and the sewing machine! However, blogs have been getting neglected and I just realised I've about 100 unread posts from all you lovely people. Which also means my commenting on other blogs has plummeted (that and I've realised that using Feedly from my Kindle Fire means I can't comment - I need my phone or laptop for that (typing on the phone is too irritating and I've largely been avoiding the laptop because once I sit down I won't get back up for hours!! too much internet goodness).

Anyway, hopefully this coming week will see the start of me being slightly more on top of things!

Onwards, to the photos of fabric goodness. These first fabrics are destined to become clothes for my own wardrobe. This is my summer of starting to make clothes! First time doing so unsupervised so it's going to be interesting. I just need my first two patterns to arrive and then I can get started on dress #1!!

Clockwise from top: Airplanes in cream from Piper by Dear Stella; Sinister Swarm in Vivacious from Field Study by Anna Maria Horner; Soft Serve in candy green from Asbury by Thomas Knauer; and, Whirl in warm from Asbury by Thomas Knauer.

I have no plans for the next fabrics.

Clockwise from top: Crystalline Cobalt from Luxe in Bloom; Delicate Sautoir Grey from Splendor 1920; Trellis in Gentian from Floressence; Extravagarden Hush from Luxe in Bloom; and, Flights of Fancy in Day from Splendor 1920 (centre).

The navy fabrics might get used in a quilt I have planned as a baby boy quilt. I really love the two Splendor 1920 fabrics, but still no inspiration yet. I'll just have to stroke them for a while longer. In the grey fabric there are geckos on the branches, they make me smile!


Then we have some fabrics that are planned as future backings, most likely!

L-R: Red Mosaic from Frippery by Thomas Knauer; and, Sew Stitchy by Aneela Hoey

And, finally, another bundle that I bought as a cohesive unit in the Black Friday sales but now I'm not so sure of them all together. Also, no quilt idea has popped out at me as would normally happen... I'm loath to separate them, but stymied by the idea of keeping them together. Any ideas??

From left to right: Submarines and Seaweed in coral from Salt Water; Topograph in tangerine from Architextures; Star Charts in purple from Constellations; Crosshatch in peach from Architextures; Bike Path in peacock from Lucky Penny; Blueprint in grass from Architextures; Sketch in Denim; Sketch in Kiss; Leafy Stripe in navy blue from Simply Color; Annie's Farm Stand Seed Catalogue in white on white; and, The Block in cream and mist.

Seed Catalogue in white on white is amazing. Here it is on it's own catching the light at an oblique angle!

So lots to play with here thanks to pretty much any fabric sale in the last six months! Hopefully I'll be back on Wednesday with some sewing progress on something :)

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  1. So much yummy in one post! I hope the way to your sewing machine clears itself and you can get back to sewing soon! :) Also, I'm excited about these dresses. They sound super fun!

  2. The last group of fabrics is Quite the mix. If you pulled out the Sketch in kiss they look like they should be mixed in with some of Art Gallery's Indian Summer. Have a great week!!

  3. I am intrigues as to what patterns you are going to use for those dress fabrics. I want to start making myself clothes too.


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