Sunday, 13 April 2014

A Brief Check In

I've been starting lots of things, but bringing very few to completion. I did get to quilt some blocks this week and I'd forgotten how lovely quilting is, how tactile and pleasing to see the texture grow.

This is a block I made for Sarah Elizabeth at no hats in the house, and her #opgivewarmth project. She posted an awesome colour palette for this month, and this block was hard to send off yesterday.

We're off to the airport this morning. Ireland is beckoning for the next couple of weeks. We need to apply for our new visas, make this move to Houston fully legit. Fingers crossed, everything goes to plan. Looking forward to seeing all the family and friends for the first time this year!

I'm hoping this break helps me figure out what's been holding me back the last couple of months. So hopeful for returning refreshed and renewed, I need my motivation and happy back.