Sunday, 28 April 2013

Summer Stash

So, I've realised that my fabric shopping over the last few months clocks up to more than one post on Sunday Stash, hosted over at Finding Fifth. So I'm breaking this up, and just doing a couple of pictures a week. Some of the fabric has a purpose already, and some is just cos I was overwhelmed by the prettiness and couldn't live without!

Because I've left this till late tonight I'm going to stick to the fabrics I can still remember the names of! 

Summersville Spring by Lucie Summers (mostly, I think).

The Grown Up Pyjamas quilt has all the required bits here now (except interfacing). I really love how it's promising to come together!! The white is a Kona flannel, delicious.

Tula Pink Turtle Bay from Prince Charming in coral <3

And finally I spotted these in the Sew Mama Sew $6 section during their sale. I have no plans. but I couldn't leave them there.

Both from Gabbie by Maude Asbury.
I kind of wish I'd found Gabbie sooner and been able to buy more of this, particularly the print of the left.

Hope you've all had a good weekend. I have high hopes of quilting a top this week and doing some fabric cutting. Hopefully two blog posts as well - the shift towards full on Spring is giving me some much needed pep :)


  1. Fun prints and beautiful colors!! Hope you are settling in and things are going well after the move!!

  2. Oh Gabbie is pretty!! I love the one on the right!

  3. Gabbie is lovely, I can see why you had to have it!

  4. I have not seen the new Summersville Spring so thanks for posting some. I do like that Scandinavian design in white over the bright pink, green and aqua.


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