Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Work in Progress - Farmer's Wife Quilt

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When I hurt my back again last Friday I was facing a weekend of restricted movement and lots of lying on my back. It turns out there's only so much internet surfing you can do before madness begins to set in, so I turned to my started in mid-January but utterly ignored ever since then project - Farmer's Wife Blocks!! I'm paper piecing them as a slow-as-you-like evening and travel project over the next year (at least, I reckon).

First up is the only one I had already completed!

Autumn Tints in The Sweetest Thing by Zoe Pearn for Riley Blake

I decided that I would make the first five blocks exclusively from the five charm packs I have set aside for this quilt. The white solid in there is Kona Snow.

Attic Window in Flutter by The Quilted Fish for Riley Blake
I have learned that when handstitching on your back, the thread will tickle your nose unmercilessly!

Basket Weave in Odds and Ends by Julie Comstock for Moda

I wasn't sure how all these charm packs would play together, but I'm starting to feel better about it. Even though I have yet to mix them in the one block. I am actually a bit surprised at how much I like these blocks all together, you'll see I'm putting a joint picture in at the end! But first:

Basket in Hello Luscious by BasicGrey for Moda
As you can see I haven't appliqued on the handle for the basket. I'm not sure I will. I'd have to piece it together from scraps of the charms and then applique it. It sounds like a lot of effort right now, but maybe next year when I'm putting the whole thing together it'll sound like a doddle...

Bat Wing in California Girl by Fig Tree for Moda
I do not get this block. It doesn't look anything like a bat to me. I accept it though, as I accept this next one because maybe this is knowledge that comes with piecing quilts for a lot longer than a year!???

Big Dipper, not a mix, but I have separated out all the charm packs into their colours so I no longer no for sure!

Here they all are together. I decided to try out this alternating on point and square layout after seeing this quilt yesterday by Bella Lou - it's stunning!!

The pretties - totally motivating me to keep going :)
Here's my next block. There are forty different pieces and it took me all of yesterday to cover the paper shapes! I think it will take till tomorrow to get it all sewn together.

Finally, Robert (our postman) dropped these in my door as I was writing this and I just had to share! I bought the Blossom Heart Quilts Japanese Bundle Club for February and it just arrived!!! The second link will bring you to the March bundle club page - I think I'll have to get that one too :)

The theme this month was Sewing!!
And the parcel came stuck together with the cutest tape EVER!

Ok, that's it! I'm off to settle my US taxes (also brought today by Robert) and to tackle those forty triangles, or in reality, I'm off to buy the March Japanese Bundle from Alyce and to pet my new Japanese sewing fabrics :)

Hope you all have a good Wednesday!



  1. Your Farmer's Wife blocks look great all together! And that is definitely a fun bundle from Alyce. Happy Sewing!!

  2. All of it is yum yum! I'm eager to see more blocks. And I'm super jealous of that bundle from BHQ!

  3. Looking great, especially love the red pinwheel. Amazing that you could do all that lying down, I'm impressed!

  4. Great progress on the Farmer's wife blocks! Especially if you're hand piecing, wow. Thanks for sharing the awesome Japanese bundle club, I hadn't heard of it before.

  5. I like the colours all together and on point is super cool! Don't work too hard (you are supposed to be resting :-D)
    E xx

  6. Sorry to hear about your back. =( I'll admit I laughed when reading about your thread tickling your nose! I hope you are on the mend soon!

  7. Wow - hand piecing a Farmer's Wife - that WILL take a while. Espescially if you're doing it on your back! Hope you don't sneeze and send those 40 pieces flying about.

  8. Enjoy paper piecing the Farmer's Wife Quilt. I am working on a similar marathon myself, but not on my back!


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