Monday, 28 January 2013

Improv Curves feat. yet more bunting!

Curves class is amazing. I'm having a little trouble finding good sewing time during the week, but each week is better than the last and soon I'll feel totally organised! And class will be over - boo!

Last week was learning to sew improv curves. Of the three projects on offer I chose to do Rainbow Road! This is a quilted table runner. I don't really have a use for a table runner, but my mother said she'd like one for her coffee table. So I took the measurements (38" x 15.5"), got out my stash, and selected fabrics that matched her living room. These included some Flights of Fancy tonal in cream and coral, and some Liberty Lifestyle Bloomsbury Gardens!!! I really love my mother :) As well as some fabric I bought 8 years ago and two old pillow cases.

I was quite scared to begin with, and then progressively bolder followed by minor freak outs when I hadn't a clue where to go next! Then I realised, it's improv! There's not really a right answer, just the techniques Rachel had laid out to use. I ended up really liking the result, even if the colour scheme isn't one I'd choose first off by myself...

And back!
My first pieced back as well!

In the end, Mammy liked the coffee table runner so much she asked for a matching placemat for the dining table, which lives at the other end of the same room. I decided I could use my scraps to make it, and it was even more challenging. But I loved it! I can't wait to do some more improv piecing, and have even had a bit of a brainwave, which I'll ruminate on some more before trying to execute! Here's the placemat:

Slightly more chaotic!
I also made up two more strings of the scalloped bunting from the first week of the class.

All three together - surprisingly hard to get a semi-decent photo of them all...
I've been thinking I need a bit more of an organised approach to posting... But right now life is not at all organised. I'll have to mull it over, and in the meantime I shall try to link up to as many things as I can! For this post I want to link up to one of my favourite blogs weekly linky; Anything Goes at Stitch By Stitch! And to the Let's Get Acquainted linky at Plum and June :)

Here's on final picture, the table runner in its new home. I love seeing things used :)


  1. Its beautiful, I can see why your mom wanted a placemat too. I would be very proud to have a set like this... gorgeous.

  2. Oh you've been busy, your rainbow road looks lovely

  3. The runner looks very nice in its home. I'm due to try some improvisational piecing too. One of these days.

  4. I love them both, but my favourite is the placemat. I just love that choppy look you get when you use scraps. It's also not something I do well :-)
    And it looks perfect in place.

  5. I love that table runner! I think it came out great. My improv piecing never comes out right....

  6. It all looks great! Those liberty prints really are beautiful - I just cut into mine today.

  7. Nice work. I have never done any curved piecing...have to admit, I am scared of it. Should really bite the bullet one of these days.

  8. It looks great! I got those panic moments too LOL I really love the photo of it in it's new home. Well done :)

  9. They both look beautiful. I have never done curved piecing... I really like your fabric choices.


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