Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Some Little Finishes

Words are far away today...

I finished a couple of things at the weekend.

An electronics pouch for our car - to keep spare chargers and the like. Now that we need to build a hurricane kit (eek!).

Some more of my happily won skull fabric came out - thank you, Jill! Of course, electrocuted skeletons are the only choice for an electronics pouch. I used the Fully Lined Zippered Box Pouch tutorial from Pretty Modern (thanks, Gina for keeping tabs on my flighty brain :) !!) - great tutorial, with a lovely result and zero cursing!

I made a second Star Dresden with Constellations background to back the first star dresden cushion! I couldn't think of a single other block that would live up to the star dresden, and whole cloth was just too boring. I used a striped fabric for the star dresden, and dared myself to see if I could match it up and it went ridiculously well! Well enough to be happy to do it again, surprising!!

Anyway, these became a tiny little 14"-ish cushion. It's very cute, the invisible zipper was a re-learning experience, as always! I spiral quilted the second star dresden with the Constellations background. That was a first, the inner-est bit of the spiral went totally wonky and I had to unpick it out to where it started to look normal. I think it would go better with a FMQ foot in there, but I haven't figured out the tension issues enough for my machine yet. So it's the walking foot all the way here.

Lots of other little things plod on, but no other finishes or half-finishes for now. Hopefully back with a little work in progress update in a few days :)

Have a good week, lovelies!


  1. Both look fabulous! That pouch is so cute! And the pillow? OMG. Gorgeous!

  2. beautiful cushions, i especially love the varied background on the rainbow one. Did you use a pattern for the little pouch?

  3. My favorite is your colour wheel dresden cushion. It's fantastic! Thank you for the tip on the pouch tutorial.


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