Wednesday, 26 June 2013

WIP - Lonsdale Dress

Hi hi! I've been out of internet circulation for a little bit but am getting back into it now. I owe some of you lovely people replies and I will be all over that between now and tomorrow, I hope. Certainly by the end of the week!

However, I haven't been utterly bone idle. Last weekend the DC modern quilt guild had their monthly meet-up. It was the first proper meeting I've been to, and the 3rd event. The lovely Nicole of Finch Sewing Studio hosted the meeting. She very graciously saved me from carting my sewing machine with me and loaned me one of hers for the day! A Singer. It sewed beautifully. I've been rabbitting on about how lovely it was to lots of people who don't care ever since Saturday - I should have taken a picture!!

Anyway, Nicole is a lot of a garment sewing genius. I have already said here that my aim for this summer is to make clothes for me. I've bought the fabric and the patterns, but I've lacked the courage to jump in. This meeting forced me to have started so I could be right stuck in the middle of the project where all the nitty gritty questions would pop up - the problems that can't be foreseen! So last Friday, last minute, I started tracing my Lonsdale pattern and cutting it out. I got flummoxed by the measurements. Freaked out that I would ruin the fabric I bought over a year ago and have consistently not used for fear of RUINING (alá Juanita Weasel and The Bloggess).

I talked to my mother. Always a good idea. She had two awesome suggestions: 1) tins of tomatoes under the legs of the table makes it a better height for pattern cutting, and 2) make a muslin out of an old sheet. Perfect! I had just the thing, a fitted sheet that doesn't fit anything we own. By late Friday, after working through Fashion Police, I had the bodice together. I was still utterly unsure of the fit.

Which brought me to Saturday sewing at Finch! Also guilds rock. I'm still quite scared of all the expertise and awesomeness in one room/house, but it's great for passively learning, asking questions when you feel brave, and everyone's always really lovely! By the end of Saturday I had one seam and an invisible zipper to put in... Pretty good going. And the guild consensus was that without a top and bra on it would definitely fit. And they were totally right!

I apologise for all the text before any pictures, I'm
about to make up for it though!

Here's the back:

This muslin/sheet ended up totally wearable! Also this pattern is brilliant. I was so glad Nicole and the ladies were there to hold my hand at times, but the pattern did a good job of taking you through the steps, even pointing out where to topstitch and bind seams so as to give a lovely finish (I didn't do all of that on the sheet). I will add some sort of applique to the front and am quite attracted to some sort of Maori tattoo design, ideally in aubergine I think.

Today I cut up the precious Dan Bennett Fabric. And laid it over the wonky dress form I have.

This is my inspiration in the corner so as I will make it soon. Though I won't get started till the weekend or next week, I have a Kate Spain quilt top to try and finish before the link-up at Blossom Heart Quilts on Friday!

Also, I didn't have enough of the cream fabric to line the bodice in the same material. The only other yardage I have lying around is this Mama Said Sew text fabric. It is just about to go in the wash so I can get it cut up too!

I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced! Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is up to over dinner later :)


  1. Awesome progress! Been considering getting a little more into clothing lately too - my big mistake is not making a muslin version first to check for fit/pattern issues, so you are leaps ahead in my book! :)

  2. Ah, it looks so good! You put that together quicky! I'm still working on my staple dress muslin from Saturday.

  3. Gorgeous! I'm the same way, i picked up a dress pattern for myself and it's been sitting for months now. I've been too scared to cut up my fabric, and my mom gave me the same advice... cut up an old sheet! Mom's are great!
    Can't wait to see your finished dress in the "good" fabrics, the muslin looks great on you!

  4. Looks great! Wish I could have had some of that expert help - I want to try more garment sewing this summer too!


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