Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunday Stash: Dresses and Japanese Fabrics

The last couple of weeks I've added some patterns to my stash. I plan on trying to make a few dresses this summer. You've already seen the fabric! But here are the patterns that have caught my eye.

I bought two patterns from Sewaholic, one supposedly easy and one intermediate (for when I feel super confident!). I love Colette's patterns and opted for Peony because it's gorgeous and is supposedly for beginners!! Stitch with Style is the first sewing magazine I've every bought. I was swayed when Sara at Sew Sweetness posted that she had three patterns in this issue of the magazine. I also got the pattern for that dress on the cover! As well as patterns for all sorts of other bits of clothing and accessories - good value for less than $15. This is Sara's bag that I'm contemplating most (though I just made another one of her patterns, keep your eyes peeled for the outcome later in the week!).

And here's the Sewaholic 'easy' pattern I'm planning on making first, and the fabric I have in mind!

The fabric is by Dan Bennett for Westminster Fabrics

I got my May Bundle of Japanese fabrics from Blossom Heart Quilts' Etsy shop!

May's theme was Sweet Spring!

I've been getting these bundles for a few months now and I'm building up a lovely collection. The fabrics are so soft and vibrant. Alyce has a great eye!

I've even been coming up with plans for a Japanese fabric quilt! I think I'm still a little short on fabric for the whole thing though... (cough cough). I might dip in and out of the months as money allows. There's no recipient in mind for this quilt. Though I've drawn out the plan so I can remind myself every so often what I'm aiming for!

It's based on Imagine Gnats' Blast quilt. I've blown up one of her blocks to baby quilt size. I really like it, so I hope when the time comes I do it justice!

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend. I'm linking up with Fiona at Finding Fifth for the Sunday Stash and am off to peek at your stashes now!

Oh, and don't forget to go and vote in the Blogger's Quilt Festival - there is some spectacularly awesome talent on show there! Amy's doing a great job and I've learned things I never knew before, totally worth it :)


  1. I love over-sized blocks turned baby quilts. I really need to stop stalking bags and just make myself one already too.

  2. Lovely Stash, all of those patterns are in a magazine?

  3. Pretty fabrics, I wish I could afford to join a monthly stash club ;-) your design looks great too!

  4. Love your quilt design and pretty dress patterns!! I don't believe one can ever have too much Japanese fabric!! A Japanese fabric quilt sounds like a great idea!!

  5. I am keen to see your dresses once you make good luck. And the Japanese bundles all together look amazing.


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