Saturday, 20 April 2013

Holy Cow! - I've been distracted.

It's been a month to the day since my last post. I'm not sure how that happened. I have been sewing and have finished two quilts - both are secrets for later in the year though. I'm glad to be through the temptation of sharing and so will not be mentioning them again until I can show PICTURES!!

But maybe, the overwhelming temptation to share stopped my from showing the other little bits that I've gotten done. Nothing finished, all various blocks. And one basted quilt, which now has me stumped. But enough chit chat with no pictures, onwards!!

First up, Farmer's Wife Blocks:

Clockwise from top: Broken Sugarbowl; Cats and Mice; Churn Dash; and Century of Progress

Cats and Mice drove me nuts. I took out the central papers to try and make it look less warped (a lot of bending went into trying to make the ends line up), but I think I might have been better to leave it under a phonebook for a while.

And in my Century of Progress I managed to turn three of my beige triangles' fabric the wrong side out. I didn't notice until it was finished and then I was not unpicking. And so it will stay as you see it, with the bottom triangle darker than all the rest.

I also finished Buckwheat and Butterfly at the Crossroads. Buckwheat only has very very bad fuzzy phone pictures right now and is currently in a suitcase that Paul brought back to DC two days ago. It shall have to make it's debut later. But here is the butterfly:

I finished my uncle's quilt top. It's also pin basted now. But the quilt is so heavy I won't be able to get it through our domestic sewing machine. I could hand quilt it, by sewing points every few inches. But that still leaves me in  a bind about binding!

Yep, that middle stone-coloured row has a join where I have the nap going in opposite directions.

And I made the last two month's of colours from my stash club into x and + blocks!! I love how these are coming out, can't believe I have to wait till December to start putting them together into the quilt.

I've found some fabric stuff about my parent's house as I've been packing up for the move to America. I'll share them in my next post. And I have made plans for things to make during the jetlag in my first week over in DC. So I won't be forgetting this place again. Plus all upcoming quilts are not secret - YAY!!!!!

I've missed ye :)


  1. Your blocks are gorgeous!! I especially love your Farmer's wife blocks. I think the one darker triangle gives the block character:). Hope the move goes smoothly!!

  2. Aoife! I'm missed you! I'm glad you're back! Lovely, lovely blocks and quilty goodness!

  3. Looks like you've been busy! Those x & + blocks are gorgeous - so vibrant!


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