Monday, 21 January 2013

What's next?

It turns out that despite not signing up to too many things over Christmas so I would be happily busy and not crazy busy this month and next, I am. Very busy. I haven't signed up to tonnes of sewing things, one class, one BOM, and one stash club. The second two run all year and I'll enter 2014 with two very lovely, almost finished quilts! And the class finishes before the end of February.

However, in the rest of life I signed up for a chair making course, doing my driving test slightly too soon, the local quilters group, and a pilates course. The driving is taking over. But in just over two weeks that will calm down, one way or the other! So all I have to do is cling on and I'll get through the crazy within a month. It's been hard to find any sewing time in the last week, which is the first week I've had even the sniff of a sewing chance since Christmas. Lots of organising is required, but I'm starting to crest the hill (I think). So what exactly, have I got going on?

Well, the class first. I took Rachel's, from Stitched in Color, Handstitched Class in the summer. I still haven't finished the class quilt, but am planning it, alongside one other handstitched project, to run throughout this year. Something for my evenings. I'll finish, but it might be this time next year when I complete! I loved the class though. Loved it. It pushed me, and it has made handstitching part of my regular quilting repertoire. Even just as quilt labels. So when she offered her Curves Class again I jumped at the chance. I checked online when I got home from a New Year's Eve party, and again at 6am, so I could make sure I got a place on the course! It worked - woop! The second week is just beginning, so I only have my one easy-peasy project to show from last week (so little sewing time - want to do ALL the projects!).

It really was easy-peasy!

As you might see from my side-bar, I've also signed up for the Lucky Stars Block of the Month run by Don't Call Me Betsy! The blocks will be foundation paper pieced. I have never ever done this before. This will make it interesting. I am behind on this, I feel. Though technically I have till February 1st to make the first two blocks (a practice block sent out in December, and the January block)... I am also seriously daunted by starting. I want a whole day where I don't have to run off and do anything else to sit down and work this one out. I am doing the 12.5" blocks - partly cos I want something lap-sized at the end and also cos I reckon biggest will be the least fiddly... We'll see :) I have gotten as far as choosing my fabrics for this BOM - check it out!

A charm pack of Salt Air by Cosmo Cricket and coordinating Moda Bella solids!!
The next bit of fabric-y loveliness comes courtesy of Justine at Simply Solids. She's running a monthly stash club, called the Sew Solids Crew Stash Club. December was purples and January dark greens. I wanted a plan, and then I needed good backing fabric to arrive from the fabric fairies! So I could carry out the x and + quilt of my dreams:

I just started cutting the fabrics today! I've already made mistakes, and need to cut some more, but I'm really excited about this quilt. I'll be making four blocks of one colour range each month. I get three fat quarters of varying shades of the colour every month. Here are December and January:

Backing fabric is the grey and cream versions of Dictionary Sewing Guide from the Mama Said Sew collection:

And even though I have to cut slightly more of each, I have leftovers! Enough for maybe another small, colourful quilt (crib-size, maybe....?)!

And, one more quilt in the works! My uncle discovered I make quilts and requested one that is exactly 5' by 7', warm, heavy, and won't slip off his bed. Thankfully, my mother was on hand to help me buy the fabrics. Nothing flowery or overly-patterned would do at all for this man! I foresee problems learning how to quilt through heavier than usual fabrics, and even piecing will be interesting. But the fabrics were definitely voted a success by all!

I have come up with a pattern to sew it all together with, keeping all the pieces as large as possible to reduce bulky seams - hopefully. Let me know what you think!

The light blue represents the patterned fabric. Each square is 12" x 12" finished.
And finally, you'll be delighted to hear, I wanted a handstitching project, easy to transport, and one I could bring to any quilting meetings I get to. I fell in love with the farmer's wife quilt when I saw it on Camille Roskelley's blog in September! Paul bought me the book, after much sending of pictures and talk about it. And I decided the charm packs I've been hoarding would be used up perfectly in this, along with some Kona Snow.

And here are the two blocks I've been working on since last week, one finished, one started...

Autumn Tints and Attic Windows!
Phew, that is actually a lot! I just realised while writing it out, because I kept forgetting which project I hadn't talked about yet.... But, to be fair (talking myself into this one), but 3 of these will take at least the rest of this year - I expect the Farmer's Wife to take a couple of months longer. So, maybe not too mental... Maybe :)

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  1. Ohh - lots of wonderful projects on the go! I got a copy of Farmers Wife for Xmas too, I've got my patterned fabrics but am waiting on the solids (I was also thinking Kona Snow) but have yet to make a start like you, although I'm planning on it being a long-term project too!!! Hope you had a good w/end x

  2. SO much going on, but it all sounds like good stuff! You've got some great fabrics here too. I'm also hoping to start a Farmer's Wife quilt this year -- I loved that book!

  3. Well, I am glad I am not the only crazy lady out there in the blogging world! Let me send you some encouragement....YOU CAN DO IT!

    1. Thanks Kerrie! You are definitely not alone :) I'd love to find your blog or email, but can't find it as you came up as a no-reply blogger. I've added you to my circles on Google+ though, so hopefully we can connect that way soon! x


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