Thursday, 20 March 2014

A bit like a headless chicken

So I haven't figured out my blog reading, posting, and commenting problems. I keep saving things up for when I have a little bit of time and I can sit down with my laptop. But I only turn my laptop on a couple of times a week now, and due to medication I now fall asleep at about 9pm. So I've downloaded blogger to my phone, and I'm going to stop waiting for the "perfect time" because, let's be honest, perfect doesn't exist anywhere in life.

I've been sewing, but I've been doing lots of little bits on lots of different projects. Nothing's finished, but I'm also not getting stuck in a sewing funk, cos I can change it up as often as I like!

Today, I'll show you two blocks I made following a tutorial from Nicole at snips snippets. She shows you how to make two Star Dresdens from 13 charms.

When I started I wanted to make one for me for a scrappy sampler quilt I'm planning, and one to send to Little Island Quilting for her Soy Amado project. It hasn't worked out for this block, it's ended up slightly too large, and there are some knots in the quilting that I'm not sure will last (at least one has come undone already). So I'll turn it into a cushion for our sofa and make a more sturdy and correctly sized block for Little Island Quilting.

I have to say though, that these blocks are so much fun and look really great for not a lot of effort. And it's nice to have something you can make from charms that is so impactful! Nicole's a bit of a genius, I think.

I've been toying with the idea of hand stitching the second Star Dresden down, but it might just end up languishing in the growing queue of things I'm supposed to be hand stitching in the evening.

PS I haven't figure out how to insert the pictures in among the text, but they are: 

- the drunkards paths for my sister's Retro Flowers quilt (I started these last July)

- two rainbow Star Dresdens

- doing dot to dot quilting for the first time (still straight lines)

- and, the quilted, too large, block which will be a cushion.

Maybe future blogger app posts should be picture heavy and word light!


  1. Eep! Those dresdens are delicious! And I adore the last picture. YUM.

  2. That Dresden is fabulous. With your quilting, it reminds me of a spirograph drawing. (Does that show my age?)

  3. Your dresdens are beautiful and your quilting is perfect!!! I can't wait to see how you put the drunkard's path blocks together too!!!

  4. Yay!! Glad you liked my tutorial! Your dresdens are gorgeous!
    I absolutely love the quilting you did!
    And your fabrics for the drunkards path are fantastic, love me some AMH!

  5. Okay, so that's gorgeous. Beauty!

    Just finished catching up - hope you're settling in well to Houston!


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