Thursday, 19 December 2013

Change is inevitable.

I've finished two quilts since we last spoke. They are quilt twins, made for a lady I know who wanted one for her grandchild and one for the first grandchild of her next door neighbour. I've talked a little about them before, using Ann Kelle Urban Zoologie teamed with various Sketch colours and white.

Max's Quilt - lovely and crinkly all over from the wash!

The tops went together relatively easily, the quilting on Max's made me tear out my hair and almost swear off machine sewing. Thankfully, Kyle's quilting went like a dream and I was slightly mollified.

Pucks and Tuckers - the worst I've ever had on a quilt, including ones
I quilted before I learned about the magic walking foot, which didn't save
me here. I've put it down to bad piecing on my part and also to vengeful
quilt gods. Thank god for crinkling up in the wash!

The binding is a diagonal red and white stripe - I love it. I should have bought more, I want to use it on everything!

I embroidered labels for each little boy, and even put my very first printed labels on too.

These quilts were delivered the day before I left Ireland - nothing like last minute stress! I'm back in DC, but not for long - just for Christmas. In the time I've been away Paul has gotten a new job in Houston. It starts on the 7th of January and so once Christmas Day is over us (our first), we'll be putting everything into boxes, heading to Houston to find a new apartment, our first car, the new grocery stores, new library, new everything.

Rare Winter sun in Ireland made this a bit washed out...

I'm daunted. The last few months have been constant go, though thankfully all the associated worry is over and my family are all well again. But the idea of going into another state of flux, a new place to settle into, new routines to find, new people to meet - it's a little overwhelming. So I'm taking it one day and week at a time.

I'm grateful to have my sewing machine right now, I'm pottering, doing what takes my fancy. Once we start moving, hand-sewing will be my outlet. I have no idea how often I'll manage to pop in here, or when we'll have internet. I'll do my best. It's more likely that Instagram will provide the quick connections over the next while!

Kyle's Quilt

Having just written it all out, I feel lighter. I am looking forward to the adventure of it, and getting to choose a place to live together (another first)!

I think I'll try popping in and out with picture updates when possible, love to all and

Happy Winter Holidays!


  1. Eep! Your labels look fabulous! And both quilts are so much fun. I love the embroidered labels too. How exciting about moving to Houston! I know it's a lot of work, but you'll get it all figured out. I have family and a good friend in Houston, and it's a nice place. (And warm! I'm so jealous of their weather right now.) Good luck!

  2. Well, this year has certainly been full of change! Going to Houston could be great though! And you will get to start the year settling into your new space and by next Christmas, it will be home. Good luck! Merry Christmas.
    E xx

  3. Aoife, I hate to know that you are going to be leaving DC! It will be fun to continue to follow you, though, no matter where you are. I hope it is a good job in Houston and you are both glad to have made the move once all is done. Very best wishes!

  4. you do have a lot going on! I hope the move goes slowly and everything falls into place on your new adventure!! Merry Christmas :)

  5. These are both such fun happy quilts!! It's always good to take life at day at a time when moving, especially at this time of year. Good luck with it all.

  6. Congrats on your finishes! I love your fabric choices , and the embroidered labels are really great. Actually, I like your printed labels too, where did you get them?
    Good Luck with all the changes coming your way for the new year, long distance moves are quite an adventure!

  7. Lovely finishes! I'm sure all the changes will work out beautifully for you - we moved over 100miles last year and I can honestly say that I'm a lot happier now than I was: It was nerve-racking joining new quilt groups and the like but its been lots of fun. And at least you'll be in the right state for Quilt Market?! Have a fab Christmas!!!!! x

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