Friday, 7 June 2013

Rainy Day Finish - Spectrum!

Tropical storm Andrea has made it impossible to take pictures outside today. But last night I finished sewing the binding onto what I'm now calling my Spectrum quilt.

I started Spectrum back in March when I was in DC for ten days. I took the leftovers of Paul's Rainbow Skittles quilt and just played around, ending up with a courthouse step layout.

Here it is, half way through quilting.

For some reason I decided it reminded me a bit of refracted light through a prism (from above I guess!). So I decided that it would be nice to quilt lines emanating from opposite corners, spreading out like rays.

You can see it better on the reverse!

You can also see that I have some dragging and puckers. The quilt isn't washed yet and I think they're all small enough so you won't see it once it has shrunk a little. But because I got a little bit of money for my birthday last month I treated myself to a walking foot and a quilting foot for my machine this week!! Yay! Hopefully, once I get the hang of using them my quilting will look much better.

Here's a fancy angle close-up of the quilting and the binding (it's slightly out of focus, it's not your eyes!). I used the Pac-Man fabric I bought for Paul to bind this quilt. In fact he won't let me talk about giving this one away. He's a lot more keen on it than I am. I mostly enjoyed making it from nothing and for nothing. No pressure and total freedom to do what I want. But I find the colours kind of overwhelming on the front on such a small quilt!

It's the picture and not your eyes that are fuzzy!!
(oh and yes, that's a giant transformer on the shelf.)

Though I do think that if you made one out of just one colour and white, and varied the shading of the colour then you could end up with a cool 3D pyramid effect... potentially!

Finally here's one of the fully finished front.

Quilt stats
Size: 40½" by 36½"
Quilt Top Fabric: Jelly Rolls of Moda Marbles in citrus and Bella White
Quilt Back Fabric: Ikea sheet and leftover squares from top
Binding: Pac-Man ghosts

Linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts for finish it up Friday!!

Have a fun weekend :)


  1. I love it! The white helps those colors pop.

  2. love the back and the quilting. congrats on a great finish.

  3. I love this! Beautiful work, Aiofe. I think you will love your new feet, your walking foot will be especially wonderful for straight-line quilting, it seriously makes it so much easier. Have fun!

  4. Holy goodness, I LOVE your quilting lines! They look beautiful! And it really makes the whole quilt sing with awesomeness.

  5. Congratulations on your beautiful quilt!
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    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com

  6. I think it is just stunning! Brings some rainbows on a rainy day!

  7. This is awesome! The colours are so striking against the white. Love your quilting!

  8. I love this quilt Aoife! It's so fun and cheerful & striking. And the quilting is inspired! Sx

  9. Nice work! The layout is fabulous!

  10. I love this! It's not your typically ROYGBIV quilt and it's fabulous!


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