Monday, 10 December 2012

PJ Monsters!

These dudes are the from the talented mind of Jodi at Sew Fearless. I bought the pattern when I saw them, even though I have no children, because I wanted one! It's already been a great investment and I haven't even given any as presents yet. So far I've made three monsters, and everyone who has seen one has loved them.

These are my first two, made from the same fabrics. Unfortunately, all three have never met as the truly crazy lad (on the left) is going on a global adventure before Christmas!
The first two were made out of the end of a bolt of purple poly-cotton, with brushed cotton feet and mouths. So they're paws are lovely to stroke! The third guy was made in green quilting cotton and with the same brushed cotton feet and mouth.

The rare pyjama-eating monsters, seen here basking in some of the notoriously elusive Irish winter sun.
As you can see from the picture, I put the green monster's legs on sidewards, accidentally... Oops! My favourite part about making these pyjama-eaters is that their mouths unzip and reveal their bellies (where you stuff the pyjamas in the morning, to keep them quiet and not tear up your bedroom in boredom while you're at school). This led me to think about what else would bold pyjama monsters eat if given half the chance!

 The purple guys are fond of snacking on random insects they find - helpful for preventing you swallowing a spider in your sleep, perhaps! The green monster prefers larger meals and will eat zoo animals if he finds them unattended.

The purple poly-cotton, brushed cotton rainbow and bugs fabrics I found in our local fabric shop here, The Crafty Fox. The green fabric is Bella Solids in lime and the eaten zoo animals are from Bungle Jungle by Tim and Beck for Moda, both bought in the Fat Quarter Shop.

Blogger has decided I'm not allowed write beside the last picture, so he shall be my sign off! I loved making these pyjama monsters, and shall be making many more! So much scope to be inventive and such an easy pattern to follow :)



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